Dishwasher GUI

The Dishwasher was added as part of The Kitchen Update (See also Washing MachineMicrowave and Toaster).

The Dishwasher is an appliance which allows you to repair your tools: EG: Pickaxe. To power the machine, you need to put Soapy Water or Super Soapy Water in the top right slot. Simply put your tools into the corrosponding slots on the GUI and hit the start button. Depending on the fuel you use, after every X amount of second(s), it will add one durability back onto your tool. 

You can use the RecipeAPI to register custom tools from other mods to work with the Dishwasher.

If you attempt to use a pipe to extract items (i.e. extra utilities transfer node) your game will crash.

Does not repair enchanted items.

Crafting RecipeEdit


The crafting recipe is 3 quartz blocks, 4 cyan terracotta, 1 iron bars and 1 furnace. Place 3 quartz blocks across the top row, place iron bars in the exact middle, and then place the furnace on the bottom middle, and last place the cyan terracotta on the middle left and middle right and on the bottom left and bottom right.