Hedges individual
Hedges are decorative blocks which can be placed along the perimeter of a house, much like you would 
Hedges connecting with leaves comparison

with fences.

They come in oak, spruce, birch, and jungle and have textures identical to their respective tree leaves, but with more transparent gaps. They are not as wide as a full block (thicker than fences), but are the same height as a fence, so they cannot be jumped over.

When placed next to other hedges, they will change appearance and "connect" to other hedges, even ones of a different type. They will also appear to connect to fence gates when placed next to them.
Hedges connecting fencegate

Crafting RecipeEdit

Shear some leaves from a tree until you have at least 6 of the same type of leaf. Then put 3 across the middle and 3 across the bottom. All leaves can be made into hedges.