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The Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet is a kitchen item added in the Kitchen Update (Also see Kitchen Counter, Kitchen Counter (Sink), and Bar Stool).


The kitchen cabinet is a cabinet that is usually used in a kitchen. It can store up to 15 items in it.

Crafting recipesEdit

Pre-Modern UpdateEdit

The crafting recipe requires two cyan Terracotta, six quartz block and one chest. Place 3 quartz blocks across the top row, cyan terracotta on the middle left and middle right, and a chest in the exact center, and 3 more quartz blocks across the bottom row.

Post-Modern UpdateEdit

The Modern Update allows you to craft Kitchen cabinet in every colours. The recipe changed with this update. The new one needs six white concrete blocks, two blocks of terracotta of a colour of choice and one chest. Place the concrete blocks on the top and bottom rows, terracotta ones on the middle left and right and the chest in the exact middle.