The Mail Box was first added in the Garden Update. It allows for other players to give you items privately without being online. It can hold up to 6 pieces of mail (see Envelope and Package). The mail box is bound to the owner so no one can open, destroy or take your items. Their texture is a mixture of oak wood planks and oak wood. It is sampled from the current texture pack, meaning they are supported by any texture pack.


Mail CHAT delivered mail

Message shown in chat after sending mail.

Opening the Mail Box

To open the mail box you must be the owner, simply right-click it.

Inserting Mail

To insert mail in the mail box, you must have an Envelope or Package in your hand. Simply hold shift and right-click the mail box. This will not work if you are in creative. After it is inserted, it will give you a message in your chat saying "Thank you! - [Mail Box Owner]" (see picture to right)

Destroying the Mail Box

Mail CHAT lock unlock mailbox

The text in chat when locking/unlocking the mailbox.

Once a mail box has been placed, it will become locked and you will be unable to move/break it unless it is unlocked. To unlock it you must be the owner of the mailbox, or use a Hammer. Simply hold shift and right-click it with an empty hand (if you are the owner), or with the hammer. A message will display saying that it is unlocked. From there you can destory the mail box normally. This is the same vice versa, holding shift and right-clicking again will lock it and stop anyone from destroying it.  (see picture to right)

Crafting RecipeEdit

You need 6 pieces of wood and 1 book. Do 3 across the middle of wood, top middle place the book, top left and right a piece of wood, and bottom middle a piece of wood.

Current BugsEdit

  • Bug1

    The Typo in the chat log as of v2.9.2

    There is a typo in the chat log when trying to break a locked MailBox, in which the word "destroy" is spelt "destory" -version 2.9.2