The oven allows you to cook certain foods as you would with a furnace but without the use of coal.

Crafting Edit

You need 8 blocks of iron and a furnace. Place the furnace on the exact middle, and surround it with iron, 3 across the top row, a block on the middle left and middle right and 3 across the bottom row.


Usage Edit

The foods you can cook are :

  • Raw steak
  • Raw pork chops
  • Potatoes
  • Raw chicken
  • Raw fish
  • Raw salmon
  • Raw mutton
  • Flesh (obtained by freezing rotten flesh with a freezer)

To use the oven, place any of the previously mentioned raw foods into the top row of the oven and the oven should turn on automatically. Once the is done cooking, it will appear in the bottom row as it's cooked version.

For more information, seek the "Recipe Book" in-game by going into creative mode to view Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod tab in the creative mode inventory. It's a blue book that when opened, tells you of the crafting recipes and uses for each appliance.

You can also obtain the Recipe book by purchasing it from "Mine Bay" on a computer with one emerald.