Present GUI

The GUI of the present, right click the air to open

Present in world

Present in world

The Present was added in the 2013 Christmas Update, along with the Christmas Tree. it is a nicely wrapped present that can be sent from one player to another. The Present, when items are added to it and wrapped, becomes a Wrapped Present, which can be placed on the ground. to get the items, just mine it up with your bare fist and you will receive the items placed within, along with the chat message "Merry Christmas from {Player}".

Present not breakable?Edit

There is a config option in cfm.cfg to lock the present until it is Christmas. In the latest 1.6.4 release, this is defaulted to true. This is the reason that people have been having trouble with the present.

Present Message

Present Chat Message

Crafting RecipeEdit

The Crafting Recipe is a package surrounded by either red or green wool. the recipe makes 1 Present, with the same colour as the wool used.
Present - Red

Present crafting recipe